Yes, there is a kitten season in Australia.
Every year, Pets Haven and many other shelters and rescue groups are inundated with unwanted kittens and pregnant mothers – some of them just kittens themselves.

In the warmer months, with longer days- usually from September through to May, Pets Haven often have more than 300 cats and kittens in our care at one time.

The strain on our shelter during these months is extreme. Supplies, foster homes and adopters are harder to find and we are often overwhelmed.

Please be a responsible pet owner and have your pets desexed. Our Veterinary Clinic offers very competitive pricing for desexing, please call us on (03) 9729 5444 and organise your cats desexing operation as soon as possible.

We have collated some information about kitten season for you below:

What do you do if you find a litter of kittens?
First check if they are warm and seem healthy. If they are, leave them where they are and wait to see if Mumma cat comes back. Cats and kittens are lactose intolerant, so if you do find kittens that require feeding, do not feed them cows milk. The best thing you can do for kittens in need of feeding, is to contact a vet clinic, animal shelter or rescue group – they have trained people who have the correct formula for kittens and know how to bottle feed and toilet unweaned kittens.

Who is responsible for stray cats?
Your local council are responsible for stray cats in the community. If you find stray cat/s you can find your local councils number online and ask to speak to animal control or the pound.

Why desex your cat or kitten?
There are many benefits to desexing. Desexed animals live longer and are less likely to get some illnesses and cancers. Desexing can also reduce issues such as roaming, marking territory and aggression. Plus of course, desexed animals cannot reproduce, thereby causing more unwanted kittens to be born.

Keep your cat indoors or contained to your property.
Cats who are kept inside cannot be hit by a car or attacked by another animal, including being involved in cat fights. No cat fights also means it is unlikely for your cat to catch FIV (Feline immunodeficiency Virus).

Your Pets Haven team xx

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