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Major Update and Reopening

Dear Pets Haven Friends,

Several major developments occurred at Pets Haven that we wish to update you on.

As previously reported, Pets Haven was acquired recently and as part of the transfer of ownership, a new application was lodged for a Domestic Animal Business permit. In response to the application, a comprehensive audit was conducted by Macedon Ranges Council.  This audit exposed several longstanding, nonconformances.  Coinciding with this, detailed evidence was uncovered of a small group of hostile employees and their associates that conducted a campaign to sabotage the business from the inside, resulting in the events that was reported in the media.  As a result of these factors, the Management made the decision to seize all operations, allowing for the opportunity to fully address these moving parts.

In the following three months after the shut-down, we’ve worked relentlessly with the RSPCA, Macedon Ranges Shire Council, Maroondah Council as well as with several other, well respected rescue groups and industry.  A comprehensive and very detailed review was conducted of the organisation, and every process and procedure were reengineered to be in line with the Domestic Animal Act of 1994, as well as of the Code of Practice for the Management of Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Pounds.  These regulators conducted several rounds of inspections and with every round, further opportunities for improvement were identified and implemented. It was only after they were fully satisfied that these improvements far exceed the prescribed standards, set out under the Act and Code of Practice, that they have issued the new permit.

This is certainly a great milestone for the team that has left no stone unturned in creating an environment that would guarantee the best and most compliant environment for the animals that we take into our care.  This, however, is only an initial milestone in the journey and the team is already working on some exciting plans to further upgrade and expand facilities.  We have also introduced a comprehensive training programme that commits every member of the team on a path of continuous improvements.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every person who stood by us during this time.  Despite the negative exposure, we have been inundated with sincere messages of support from people who recognise and share our passion for the welfare of animals.  We would also like to express our gratitude to the group of very dedicated Foster Friends, who has stood by us during this time and who continued to take care of some of the animals for much longer than what would normally be expected.  We would also like to thank the RSPCA, industry stakeholders and other rescue groups that has supported us during this time.  Finally, we would like to thank the Local Laws teams of both Macedon Ranges Shire Council as well as of Maroondah Council, that has spared no effort in ensuring that the new Pets Haven is compliant in every possible way.

Under the ongoing, close supervision of these respective Councils, The Pets Haven team is committed to operating in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and for that reason, every family that adopts a new fur-friend from us, can rest assured that this new family member has received the best possible care by our dedicated team of experts.  Should you have any questions in this regard, don’t hesitate to contact our capable team at either one of our facilities:

Pets Haven Bayswater Veterinary Clinic – 0434 462 936

Woodend Shelter Adoption Centre – (03) 5427 4941

Kind Regards,

The Pets Haven Team