Adoption Pack


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By adopting a dog/pup from Pets Haven, you are also required to purchase our adoption pack.

We put our adoption pack in place due to hearing negative feedback and people not always looking after their newly adopted pets as well as we would like.

The adoption pack includes premium food, to ensure our dogs are not fed a brand that will upset their stomachs. We have had several cases where adopted animals have been feed a diet which has caused gastro upsets, resulting in requiring treatment from our clinic.

The pack also provides a seat belt clip, so many people do not know the law about restraining a dog whilst driving, and regardless we want our animals restrained safely on the drive home.

Our aim is to ensure the best possible start for our dogs in their new homes. The adoption pack to buy in a retail outlet would be around $380.00 to $420.00, our starter adoption pack is $250.00.

Whilst there is a very small portion of people who do not want to proceed with our adoption pack, the over whelming support and gratefulness has been sincerely appreciated. We really know our pets are going to great homes and that these new owners understand why our policy is in place.

You can always walk away and not proceed with our adoption procedures or adopt elsewhere, you always have a choice, and there are many other places you can choose to adopt from.

Our adoption pack includes, bed, food, water/food bowls, collar, lead, seatbelt clip, numerous toys, stool bags.  We can all agree, that your new pet deserves the best.

Any proceeds made, simply goes back into rescuing more animals, like the one you are considering adopting.

The adoption pack is $250.00 which is an additional fee to our adoption fee.