Animal Bio

Introducing Astrid, a captivating and elegant Domestic Short Haired female cat who is sure to enchant you with her grace and charm!

Astrid’s serene presence and captivating gaze draw you into her world, where she reigns as the queen of elegance. Her regal demeanor and graceful movements leave a lasting impression, reminding you of the majesty found in every feline step.

This lovely feline possesses a curious spirit, always ready to explore and uncover hidden treasures. Whether it’s chasing a stray sunbeam or investigating every nook and cranny, Astrid’s inquisitive nature is a testament to her intelligence and playful personality.

While she may have an independent streak, Astrid is no stranger to affection and companionship. She revels in gentle strokes and soothing purrs, relishing the moments of connection and tenderness shared with her loved ones. Astrid’s presence brings a sense of calm and tranquility to any home she graces.

As Astrid’s captivating personality unfolds, you’ll discover the depths of her character and the unique traits that make her truly special. From her quiet moments of contemplation to her playful bursts of energy, she will continuously surprise and delight you with her charming quirks and gentle nature.

In summary, Astrid, the Domestic Medium Haired female cat, is a mesmerizing and elegant companion. Embrace her graceful presence, revel in her independent spirit, and experience the joys of having a feline friend who brings beauty, comfort, and unconditional love into your life.

To book an appointment to meet with Astrid today, contact Pets Haven Animal Shelter, 6/130 High Street, Woodend VIC 3442 at 03 5427 4941. Alternatively, you can call us at 0434 462 936.

Astrid has been:

Microchipped: 900219001388058




Flea and worm treated

Animal Checklist

Breed Domestic Short-Haired
Gender Male
Colour Tabby White
Age 1 Year Old
Vet Checked Yes
Desexed Yes
Wormed & Flea Treatment Given Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Adoption Status Available
Microchip ID 900219001388058
Adoption Fee POA
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