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Bonnie: A Pawsitively Playful and Trainable Companion

Meet Bonnie, a 6-month-old Dalmatian and Mastiff mix that’s sure to steal your heart with her playful antics and eager-to-learn spirit. If you’re seeking a furry family member with a dash of clown-like charm and a whole lot of love to give, Bonnie might just be the one for you.

Training Enthusiast: At this age, Bonnie is like a sponge, ready to soak up all the knowledge and commands you have to offer. Training sessions will not only stimulate her mind but also strengthen the bond between you. She’s already showing great promise in basic commands and is eager to learn more.

Affectionate and People-Centric: Bonnie craves human attention and forms strong bonds with her family. She’s a true cuddle enthusiast and will happily snuggle up with you at the end of an exciting day. Her affectionate nature makes her an excellent companion for individuals or families alike.

Ideal Home: Bonnie would thrive in a home where she receives the attention and love she craves. A family willing to invest time in her training and play sessions would be a perfect match. A secure backyard for her to burn off energy and regular walks would be an added bonus.

Dog Compatibility: Bonnie is social and enjoys the company of other dogs. Proper introductions and continued socialization would help her make furry friends easily.

Are you ready to provide Bonnie with the love, attention, and training she deserves? If you’re looking for a playful companion who’s also keen on learning and growing with you, Bonnie could be the furry family member you’ve been searching for.

Contact us to meet Bonnie and see if your home is the perfect match for this delightful, playful pup. Let’s make Bonnie’s adoption dreams come true!

To book an appointment to meet with Bonnie today, contact Pets Haven Animal Shelter, 6/130 High Street, Woodend VIC 3442 at 03 5427 4941. Alternatively, you can call us at 0434 462 936.

Bonnie has been:

Microchipped: 956000014583259




Flea and worm treated

Source Number: RE170899

Animal Checklist

Breed Dalmatian x Mastiff
Gender Female
Colour White and black
Age 1 year 6 months old
Vet Checked Yes
Desexed Yes
Wormed & Flea Treatment Given Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Adoption Status Available
Microchip ID 956000014583259
Adoption Fee POA
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