Animal Bio

Meet Ed, a mature 3-month-old male Domestic Shorthair kitten with a placid nature that belies his young age. This handsome little guy is a picture of serenity, always calm and composed even in the midst of chaos. His sleek black and white coat is soft to the touch, and his big brown eyes exude a sense of wisdom and quiet confidence.

Despite his youth, Ed has a surprisingly mature personality. He’s not one for rowdy play or mischievous antics, preferring instead to observe his surroundings and take everything in. But don’t mistake his laid-back nature for aloofness – Ed is a sweet and loving companion who enjoys nothing more than curling up in a cozy spot for a nap.

Ed’s placid nature makes him an ideal choice for families with children or other pets, as he’s able to adapt easily to new situations and get along well with others. He’s also a quick learner and responds well to positive reinforcement, making him a joy to train and teach new tricks.

Overall, Ed is a wise and gentle soul who will bring a sense of peace and tranquility to any home. If you’re looking for a feline friend with a mature personality and a calm, placid nature, Ed is the perfect match!

To book an appointment to meet with Ed today, contact Pets Haven Animal Shelter, 6/130 High Street, Woodend VIC 3442 at 03 5427 4941. Alternatively, you can call us at 0434 462 936.

Ed has been:

Microchipped: 956000014573492




Flea and worm treated


Source Number: RE170899

Animal Checklist

Breed Domestic Short Hair
Gender Male
Colour Tabby
Age 3 months old
Vet Checked Yes
Desexed Yes
Wormed & Flea Treatment Given Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Adoption Status Available
Microchip ID 956000014573492
Adoption Fee POA
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