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Introducing Lindie, the captivating and enigmatic 2-year-old Domestic Short-Haired female cat who will captivate you with her expressive personality, occasionally revealing her grumpy side while remaining undeniably friendly.

Lindie possesses an air of mystique and a charm that is truly unique. As a Domestic Short-Haired cat, she carries an air of independence and an intriguing mix of emotions that keep everyone guessing.

Lindie’s expressive personality is a delightful enigma. She wears her emotions on her whiskers, with each twitch and flick telling a story of her ever-changing moods. While she may occasionally showcase her grumpy side, she does so with a playful twinkle in her eyes, reminding you that even the most expressive souls have a mischievous sense of humor.

Beneath her occasional grumpy facade, Lindie is an incredibly friendly and affectionate feline. She thrives on human connection and cherishes moments of companionship. Lindie’s purrs and gentle head butts are a testament to her desire for love and her deep bond with her human companions.

Lindie’s intelligence and independent spirit make her a fascinating companion. She loves to explore her surroundings and engage in interactive play. Her curiosity knows no bounds, and her clever problem-solving skills often surprise and entertain those fortunate enough to witness her in action.

As Lindie continues to mature, her expressive personality will continue to captivate and intrigue. Whether she’s gracing you with a playful swat or curling up in your lap for a cozy snuggle, Lindie’s presence will leave an indelible mark on your heart.

In summary, Lindie, the 2-year-old Domestic Short-Haired female cat, is a captivating enigma with an expressive personality that occasionally showcases her grumpy side, all the while remaining undeniably friendly. Embrace her complex nature, cherish her affectionate moments, and embark on a unique journey filled with surprises, love, and unforgettable memories.

To book an appointment to meet with Lindie today, contact Pets Haven Animal Shelter, 6/130 High Street, Woodend VIC 3442 at 03 5427 4941. Alternatively, you can call us at 0434 462 936.

Vanilla has been:

Microchipped: 900219001648788




Flea and worm treated

Animal Checklist

Breed Domestic Short-Haired
Gender Female
Colour Tabby Ginger
Age 2 years old
Vet Checked Yes
Desexed Yes
Wormed & Flea Treatment Given Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Adoption Status Available
Microchip ID 900219001648788
Adoption Fee POA
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