Dear Pet Haven Community,

Allow us the opportunity to address some recent inaccurate and misleading reporting in the media.

The current owners of Pets Haven, in charge for about 2 years, prioritise animal welfare above everything else and has implemented, and continues to implement, best-practice procedures to the culture and operations of the organisation focusing on maximising animal welfare.

Upon taking over in late 2021, it was discovered that the previous owner did not have in place robust animal welfare policies and in fact, did not have the required government permits. The new management quickly took corrective action. They revamped operational processes to focus on animal welfare, quickly rectifying deficiencies in policies and participated in numerous rounds of audits and inspections, and only after the relevant authorities were satisfied, were the relevant permits issued.

Some employees chose not to continue due to the shift in focus. The operational model was altered to accept fewer animals but still aids those in critical need.

Recently, we assisted a city pound overwhelmed with puppies. These puppies arrived in a compromised state and strict intake protocols were followed—puppies were quarantined, tested, and treated by our experienced Vet team accordingly. During this time, the RSPCA conducted an inspection and it was agreed that some required specialised care. By agreement, they were transferred to the RSPCA for specialised care, as this represented the best welfare solution for the puppies at the time.

We respect the mandate of the RSPCA to investigate companion animal issues, regardless of their merits. Pets Haven remains at all times transparent and committed to animal welfare.

The Pets Haven team loves animals! Our highest value is “pro-life” at all times for our beloved animals. They have often been rescued from harsh environments where they have been mistreated, are malnourished, abused or neglected and regularly require extensive medical treatment. We see it as our job to responsibly rehabilitate and re-home them.

We would like to thank our loyal community for the ongoing support and we invite you to contact or visit us, should you require further information.


The Pets Haven Team