Frequently Asked Questions

Pets Haven FAQ

Has the animal had its vaccination?
Yes, all animals that leave the shelter are vaccinated, desexed and microchipped.

What is its story?/Where did it come from?
Due to pound contracts, we often cannot tell you the specifics of where an animal came from. In most cases, we do not know the story behind an animal from a death row pound.

Can I put an animal on hold?
If the event that you contact the shelter and would like to come down to meet an animal, we are able to hold the animal for the duration of your journey to the shelter. However, we cannot hold an animal longer than this. We cannot place holds on animals advertised for event adoption days.

Is the animal good with livestock?
If we know, we will always disclose this in the animal bio. However, we do not have livestock at the shelter to test the animals with.

Why does it cost so much to adopt?
Every animal rehomed at Pets Haven is vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and microchipped. Pets Haven receives no government funding, so our costs are not subsidised like most other shelters.

Can I bring my dog to the shelter to meet dogs?
Of course! We encourage this to ensure that they get along. However, when doing so, we kindly request that your dog is fully vaccinated before visiting, and let the shelter staff know when you arrive and they will organise a meeting with your dog of choice. This will not only protect the shelter dogs, but your dog as well.

How come my new pet does not come to his/her name – which you advertised ?
Your newly adopted pets name was a ‘made up’ name that we gave it. We give our shelter animals names, as we feel it is far more personal than a generated number.

Do I have to register my dog with council?
As per Council regulations you do need to register your animals. You will need to contact your local council for further information

What is a microchip?
Your adopted animal has a small chip placed under its skin which has information recorded on it, the transfer of ownership is sent to the applicable micro chipping company for completion. Pets Haven does not have the authority to physically change ownership details. We strongly suggest that you check within a 6 week period after adoption, to ensure the transfer has occurred. We can provide you with the applicable micro chipping companies contact details.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?
We have jobs for all ages. However, we do ask that all volunteers under 16 years of age are accompanied by an adult. Please note that children are not suitable for some jobs.

What do I have to do when I volunteer?
Volunteering at Pets Haven brings with it a vast array of opportunities. Cleaning is our number one priority in the mornings at the shelter. We also need the dogs walked at least once a day, cats socialised and customers helped. We have events which often require volunteers also such as; adoption days, family days and pet expo’s.

Is volunteering all day?
We have two shifts should a full day not suit you. The morning shift is from 9-1 and the afternoon shift from 1-5. Please advise us what your availability is and our Volunteer Coordinator will do her best to accommodate you.

What should I wear when volunteering?
Please wear something you do not mind getting fur on, or getting dirty, but ensure you are neat and presentable please. Remember that you are representing Pets Haven. Please also ensure you wear comfortable, closed toe shoes at all times.

Do I have to commit to volunteering every week?
We ask that you let our Volunteer Coordinator know when you can come in. But a regular commitment is not necessary.

Are all the dogs I will be walking friendly?
All of the dogs in the shelter are temperament tested by our trained staff. If they have any issues, the staff member in charge will let you know.

What does fostering involve?
Foster carers are usually required to pick up their new foster animal from the shelter or our Foster Coordinator will organise a place for you to pick them up from. The foster family is responsible for the daily care of the animal.

Do I pay for food for my foster animal?
If there is donated food at the shelter, you are welcome to take some for your foster animal. Most foster carers provide food for their fosters.

What happens if a foster animal becomes sick in my care?
If your foster animal requires veterinary care, you are required to obtain permission from our foster coordinator, and to take it to our veterinary clinic.

Can I adopt my foster animal if I want to?
A foster carer usually gets the first choice of an animal they are fostering if they wish to adopt it themselves, once the animal is ready for adoption. The usual adoption process will still occur to ensure the foster carer is the best home for that animal. However sometimes an animal is already spoken for, or pre-adopted before going into foster care.

What is your refund policy?
There is a 7 day cooling off period. In that time, if you wish to return an animal you will get a 75% refund.

Are older animals cheaper?
Often older animals require more veterinary work than younger animals ie: dental work. However we do have a ‘Special Souls’ program which helps to ensure that our elderly animals are given the best possible chance of adoption.

How long will I be needed to look after a foster dog or cat?
This depends on why the animal has been placed into foster care. Often an animal requires rehabilitation before being rehomed, or perhaps it is not healthy enough for a necessary operation. It also sometimes depends on finding a person willing to adopt the animal.

What happens to the dog or cat if they do not find a home?
Our dogs and cats always find homes. We do not euthanise to make room in the shelter.

Is there a discount for adopting two animals from Pets Haven?
No, all animals have an individual adoption fee.

Can I pay off the adoption fee?
We do not have payment plans and therefore we require payment in full when adopting an animal.

Why do animals need to be temperament tested before coming to Pets Haven?
As per legislation, all animals leaving our care must not pose a threat to the community. Each animal is tested by experienced staff.

What if a dog does not get along with my cat?
We do have a cooling off period, but generally speaking a new member of the family should be given at least 2 weeks to settle in. Most issues can be avoided by proper socialisation and introduction. Please ask us if you have any queries or issues, and we can let you know the best way to introduce two animals for the first time.

Can I swap my adopted animal if it doesn’t work out?
No, we do not swap animals.