Foster Care
Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Foster Care Volunteer To Provide.  I will provide the Foster Animal(s) with responsible care, including, food, water, shelter, and when instructed by Pets Haven, medication and/or training or socialisation.  I agree at all times to follow the instructions from Pets Haven with respect to the treatment and proper handling of the animal.

Medical or Age Related Placements.  If the Foster Animal has been placed with me for medical reasons or due to the Foster Animal being of a young or old age, I understand that the Foster Animal’s care may require daily medication or medical care, periodic veterinary visits and physical assessments at PETS HAVEN.  I agree to abide by the instructions of Pets Haven and the PETS HAVEN Medical Manager with respect to the Foster Animal’s care, to provide careful supervision of the Foster Animal’s condition, to report any medical concerns to the PETS HAVEN Foster Friends Coordinator  immediately, and to cooperate with PETS HAVEN and the PETS HAVEN Foster Friends Coordinator  with respect to making arrangements for bringing the Foster Animal(s) to the shelter when requested.  In the event of a medical emergency, I will immediately contact the PETS HAVEN Foster Friends Coordinator and follow the instructions provided. If an accident is caused whilst in my care, I shall be deemed responsible.

Training and Socialization.  If the Foster Animal has been placed with me for socialisation, training or other behavioral reasons, I acknowledge that (i) I have been advised by PETS HAVEN of the Foster Animals behavioral or training needs, (ii) I am willingly accepting the Foster Animal with knowledge of its behavioral or training needs and I represent that I have the ability to manage the Foster Animal.  I understand and accept the risks that these behavioral or training needs may present, and I agree to follow the training or behavioral/socialization instructions provided by PETS HAVEN.  I will maintain control over the Foster Animal at all times while in my care.  I agree to make every effort to attend training programs with respect to the Foster Animal if deemed necessary by the PETS HAVEN Trainers and to bring the Foster Animal to PETS HAVEN for periodic assessments upon request.

Inspection.  I agree that PETS HAVEN has the right to inspect my home upon reasonable notice, for the sole purpose of determining the on-going suitability of the premises for the care and maintenance of the Foster Animal(s).

Progress Reports.  I agree to give weekly progress reports to PETS HAVEN with respect to the Foster Animal.

Foster Animal To Remain PETS HAVEN Property.  I understand that the Foster Animals(s) will remain the sole property of PETS HAVEN and I acknowledge that I do not have any right or authority to keep the Foster Animal(s) or to place the Foster Animal(s) with any other individuals unless PETS HAVEN gives me permission to do so in writing.  I agree to return the Foster Animal(s) to PETS HAVEN upon request.

Termination by Foster Care Volunteer.  I understand that I may at any time decide to terminate a foster care placement with respect to a particular Foster Animal by notifying PETS HAVEN of that decision.  I agree to work together with PETS HAVEN to make arrangements for the prompt return of the Foster Animal to PETS HAVEN if I terminate this agreement.  I understand I can decline to accept any foster placements.

Release/Indemnification.   If accepted as a Foster Care Friend, I agree to follow the conditions of any foster placements.  I also agree that PETS HAVEN, its officers, directors, and volunteers are not responsible for, and I release them from liability for, any losses, injuries, or damages that I may incur by participating in the Foster Care Program.  I agree to indemnify PETS HAVEN, its officers, directors and volunteers for any damages and expenses they may incur in defending any claim by a third party as a result of my actions or inactions as a Foster Care Volunteer or of a foster animal while in my care.

This agreement represents the entire understanding between the parties and any modifications must be made in writing and signed by both parties.