Why Become a
Foster Friend for a Canine

Why Become a Foster Friend for a Canine?

Becoming a Foster Friend for one of our canines is a very rewarding experience for both you and your family.

There is no better feeling than knowing that you have made a difference.

By opening your home, you have created room for Pets Haven to save more animals; by opening your heart, you are the crucial person who has helped to save and rehabilitated a pet who requires a foster friend/home.

Fostering does require time, patience and knowledge, though the rewards are great.

Knowing that you have saved or changed a dog’s life; and that you have helped make space within the shelter to help another homeless dog, is immeasurable.

Seeing your foster dog flourish because of the time and care you have given it; finally seeing them in their new homes is a feeling no words can express.

Your compassion is rewarded by the time you give to our canines in need.

Canines who require Foster Friends

Our Foster Friends program is mainly for the below mentioned types of dogs who require care.
(Healthy and adoptable dogs are generally not placed into foster care programs.)

  • Pregnant dogs
  • Senior dogs
  • Puppies who are too young to be at our shelter or puppies who are not weaned
  • Dogs who require training
  • Dogs who are suffering from shelter syndrome; they require a calm, home environment
  • Sick, injured, or post-surgery dogs, or dogs with special medical needs.
  • Puppy farm dogs who require a stress free environment, understanding what they have been through. These dogs require Foster Friends who are experienced with dog handling.


  • You must be over 21 years of age before fostering is considered by Pets Haven Foundation.
  • You must follow and abide by our policies.
  • No off-lead park visits; dogs must be walked on lead at all times.
  • Your home must be securely fenced
  • You must not leave your dog loose in your home with an accessible dog or cat flap. Your foster dog must be secure in your home at all time.
  • Positive training must be used at all times. No adverse training techniques or tools may be used on foster dogs.
  • All vet visits must be pre-approved by calling our Foster Friends Coordinator.
  • Dogs  must not be chained up, if you do not have a secure environment, you are not suitable to foster a dog.
  • Any aggressive behaviour must be immediately communicated to our Foster Friends Coordinator.
  • Foster parents must respond within 24 hours to communications from shelter staff or potential adopters.
  • Under no circumstances are you to endanger the foster dog or members of the community.
  • Pets Haven Foundation remains the legal owner of all animals in our foster care program.
  • Contacting your local Council in regard to their rules and regulations, for housing a foster animal, is recommended.

Please note, The Foster Friends Coordinator will specify what is required on a case by case basis.

For Further Information

Foster Friends Coordinator Karen 0417 835 066
Email fosterfriends@petshaven.org.au