Foster Friends

Foster Friends

Foster Friends

Thank you for thinking about becoming a Foster Friend and sharing your home with one of our orphans. The more Foster Friends we have, the more animal’s lives we can save.

Without the help of Foster Friends we would sadly be forced to turn away many unwanted companion pets and we could not provide the rehabilitation some orphaned pets require.

Animals require foster care for many reasons, they may need rehabilitation due to ill treatment, they may be malnourished, unwell but being medically treated and need a place to recover, are too young to be adopted or may come to us pregnant or with litter of puppies or kittens.

What will my responsibilities be as a Foster Friend?

You will need to feed and clean up after the animal(s), monitor their health, groom, wash and walk them (if applicable). You will also need to play with, train (if you can and as long as it with positive, reward based training), socialise and generally care for the animal’s wellbeing. It’s like being a “normal” pet owner but short term.

How long will I have the animal for?

This will depend on many variables such as age, health, temperament, and so on. Some of our animals come to us very timid and obviously in need of help to build their confidence. Foster care gives these animals an opportunity to learn to trust again. Once they are shown kindness and love, the transition is amazing and it’s very rewarding seeing your foster orphans grow and develop. Others might just need to be looked after until they are old enough or until they are able to have the required veterinary treatment and can be re-homed.

Some may be in need of training and if you possess any qualifications in this area and would be able to use them to improve the dog or cats chance of adoption it is greatly appreciated.

Will it cost me anything?

Food can be picked up from the shelter from our donated food area, when available. However if you would like to buy food yourself to feed the animal(s) it is greatly appreciated.

Beds, litter trays etc can be borrowed from Pets Haven but must be returned with the fostered animals unless you have arranged otherwise (for example you are taking more animals into foster care and will therefore require the same equipment). All veterinary visits must be approved by our Foster Friends coordinator and with our preferred veterinary clinics.

What do I do if the animal becomes un-well?

You would immediately contact the Foster Friends Coordinator; a visit with one of our Veterinarians would be scheduled.

Foster Friends is Pets Haven Foundation’s foster care program. If you think you have the time, patience and love, we would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please complete the below section and forward to our shelter. Or you can download an application form on our website, save it on your computer, fill it in and email the form as an attachment to: