I’m Grace, the one who didn’t get away… I prefer, adoption success over foster fail. I was 8 months when I came to Claire’s house. I was told I was rescued from hoarders. And boy isn’t the world big when you are seeing it for the first time. Everything was so new and scary. I had a foster brother and it took months before we played…. I now walk through doorways without fear and if I know you, you can pat me on the head. Strange people and dogs are still pretty scary tho but I go to school to socialize every Sunday. (I don’t need it for obedience as I’m super smart and good). I now actively seek out affection and it is such a joy for us all. Here is a picture of me on my first holiday, in my element, running, playing swimming in a dam. I now have a second brother too, so this is my happy family and happy home tail. Love you guys at Pets Haven xxxxx Grace