Sloppy Kisses are the BEST!

A year ago today we went to Pet Stock in Preston because Pet Haven were going to be there for the day. We intended only to cuddle a dog or a cat because we missed our cat Lara who had died a few weeks earlier at the age of 19. Somehow we came home with an exuberant Jack Russell X was called ‘Tarnie’ which we renamed ‘Pepper’. In the next few weeks I asked myself many times what the hell had we done. But a year on, she is part of the family, even if she tries to pull my socks off when on the phone and sometimes when meditating she picks her noisiest toy to play with and bites my hands to distract me. On the first night my husband Leo said, ‘she is not to sleep on the bed.’ Well that lasted ten minutes. She even sleeps under the covers when she’s cold. Not to mention beautiful healthy meals every night and a walk every day. Sometimes we even have a ‘Pepper’ day, where she gets an all day outing. But the reward is those sloppy kisses and the excitement when we arrive home and her unconditional love. So happy anniversary to our beautiful girl. We love you very much and hope to share many, many years together.